A tool for building ethics into A.I.

OPACITY is a service that provides ethical consulting to companies that are developing Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms. As AI advances, many digital services such as social media, job applications, medical diagnostics and policing are using algorithms to assess applicants, customers and citizens. OPACITY aims to remove prejudicial bias from AI by introducing a new tool for increasing the transparency of algorithms. Called the OPACITY Trust Mark, this tool provides the first independent consumer instrument designed to hold the organizations that create Artificial Intelligence accountable for the effects of their creations. This Trustmark is presented digitally and informs users when they are interacting with AI and how. In doing so, it allows anyone to query decisions made by AI and have them reviewed by humans.

Mikhail Wertheim Aymes

  • Mikhail Wertheim Aymes
    Royal College of Art

    As an award-winning designer and business-savvy graduate, I find inspiration in identifying opportunity and combining vision, ingenuity and tenacity to turn simple or complex ideas into reality. With a background in Industrial Design and business, I enjoy being a generalist, working on various topics and thriving for opportunities to learn new skills or ways of thinking. Having lived, studied and worked in South Africa, China, Singapore, London and Amsterdam. I am convinced that the solution to our biggest challenges around the integration of Artificial Intelligence into the complexity of our daily lives and the diversity of culture can be resolved through design by multidisciplinary and collaboratively diverse individuals working together.more

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