Open Water Guard


If you fall overboard on a cruise, there is a less than 6% chance you will be found alive

Open Water Guard is an emergency rescue system designed to save cruise ship passengers, who have fallen overboard. Due to the difficulty of stopping and turning around a cruise ship, it takes more than seven hours to recover a passenger. Open Water Guard reduces this time to minutes. When a passenger goes overboard, a drone is dispatched, locating the passenger and releasing a light-weight, self-inflating life raft to provide protection until help arrives.

Jon Kuster

  • Jon Kuster
    Royal College of Art

    I love solving problems. My passion for design has brought me on an inspiring journey filled with precious experiences. I come from a broad, strong educational background, based in art, visual communication, engineering and product design, starting from my University background in Switzerland, continuing with the specialisation in transportation design at ArtCenter College of Design in California USA and the M.A. in Design Products at the Royal College of Art in London, UK. Also I‘ve had the chance to do several freelance projects and colaborations for independent firms and friends, in the fields of graphic design and industrial design, such as mechanical engineering, vehicle design and product design.more

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