PAK – Survival and Shelter


A safe and highly visible survival tent

PAK is an emergency survival tent aimed at prolonging the time a person can survive in the wild while they wait to be rescued. The design is based around durability, lightness, visibility and portability, and incorporates a number of multifunctional elements. As well as being highly functional, the design was also conceived to provide a psychologically reassuring space – creating a sense of safety while the user waits for rescue.

Caroline Frey

  • Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT)

    Recently graduated with high-class honours as an Industrial Designer at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University and have high knowledge and proficiency in leading a product through to mass production. Currently, I am employed at Trailblazers as a lead Industrial Designer and have been there since January 2015. My role at this company is to assist with designing custom recreational camper vans, 5th wheeler’s, slide on campers and RV’s (recreational vehicle), and develop modifications to existing vehicles and also design componentry products for the industry. I am wishing to be involved with a variety of different design areas to ensure a large skill and knowledge basis.more

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