Sensor for monitoring human flow in smart buildings

Modelling how people use buildings is currently an expensive and power-hungry task which needs updating to support better decision-making and more efficient building use

PeakFlow is a proven highly accurate, privacy-respecting technology for managing and automating buildings and public infrastructure. Using low-power sensor technology the device is self-sustaining and affordable. It offers an eco-friendly, easy-to-install solution, leveraged to obtain the data re-quired to minimise energy consumption and improve efficiency; a truly smart alternative to sens-ing, managing, and automating buildings and public infrastructure.




ETH Zurich


  • Yvan Bosshard

    Yvan Bosshard

    ETH Zurich

    Science and technology have interested me ever since I received my first science kit for christmas. Nourishing my aspirations to bring positive change to the world, I had the privilege to work on multiple projects, ranging from communication systems in rural development areas to wearable health monitoring, to a self-sustaining sensor platform. The common denominator: their low-power, distributed electronics, my main area of expertise and interest. I’m looking forward to putting it to good use with peaKFlow. more

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  • Tiago Salzmann

    Tiago Salzmann

    ETH Zurich

    I studied electrical engineering and information technology at ETH Zurich after moving from Brazil. During my studies, I found my passion in embedded systems and low-power design, which also made me focus on smart buildings. Together with my partner, we started developing devices using novel infrared sensors for context awareness. With the peaKFlow project, we aim to revolutionize the smart building industry in order to increase its efficiency, consequently reducing energy costs and the carbon footprint. more



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