Communication tools for improved patient to doctor communication at the hospital for migrants with language barriers

Polyglossia is the first ever human-centred voice assistant designed break down language barriers in the hospital. Interviews with migrants and their families show that many mistrust, or misunderstand, clinical advice due to difficulties in doctor-patient communication. Using spoken keywords, Polyglossia generates simple animations that provide an additional layer of communication to aid. By overcoming the challenges of language, Polyglossia aims to provide universal clarity to medical treatment and to improve the lives of migrants everywhere.

Tony Cho

  • Royal College of Art

    Tony Cho is a Korean American interaction and experience designer and recent graduate in Innovation Design Engineering from RCA/Imperial College London. For Tony, design always starts from an understanding of sociological constructs, and how to empower, disrupt, or subvert it. Before moving into design, Tony was a writer in media theory and bioengineer at the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering.more


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