A toolkit that empowers amateurs to search for the next antibiotic

Post/Biotics is a toolkit that empowers citizen scientists to reduce sole reliance on pharmaceutical companies to develop new antibiotics. Post/Biotics distributes empirical research to students and a pop-up lab allows them to participate in discovering substances with antimicrobial values by testing locally available plants and soils. It’s a vision for open source drug discovery and showcases how availability of scientific tools can change how society learns, creates and adds to scientific knowledge.

Vidhi Mehta

  • Vidhi Mehta
    Royal College of Art

    Vidhi Mehta is a product and interaction designer based in London. She has recently graduated from Innovation Design Engineering from Imperial College London and Royal College of Art (UK) in 2015. She studied Product Design from National Institute of Design (India) in 2012. A curious thinker, fascinated by how people interact and use emerging technologies, she derives inspiration by observing and engaging with them. She has enjoyed working on concepts and services that include ethnographic research, strategy design and human centred design. She has previously worked for Microsoft, Quicksand Studio, Agency of Design, Ducere Technologies to name a few.more

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