Raya – rehabilitation computer mouse


A corrective computer mouse

In recent years carpal tunnel syndrome has become one of the most prevalent occupational hazards as people spend increasing amounts of time on their computers. What begins as light pain and tingling in the hands can eventually lead to paralysis and muscle atrophy. Raya forces the user to continually shift the position of the hand, gently exercising it without hampering speed or precision. A series of buttons are placed at different levels to activate all four fingers, the function of each of these being set by the user in a dedicated app.

Aleksandra Radlak

  • Aleksandra Radlak
    Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków University of Art and Design Linz

    I am a designer, always on the mission to explore the World, the changes and people's potential. I enjoy discovering problems to solve, even when they are not so visible at a glance. I like to research and empathize with users. Being a designer is for me getting closer to people and their needs, discovering unknown and constantly widening borders of knowledge. I love to create ideas that can have an impact on people's lives and enhance their futures.more

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