Re-imagine A DXB Upcycling Hub


A knowledge centre for upcycling practice and awareness

Re-imagine is an all-in-one hub created to empower Dubai’s youth with the tools and resources to establish a responsible sense of consumption.

Designed as a response to hyper-consumption and the collateral issues surrounding it, Re-imagine introduces the fundamentals of upcycling through multiple activations in labs, workshop spaces and lecture halls to raise awareness of environmental standards and production methods, while facilitating the outlets for consumers and retailers to administer these practices.



Heriot Watt University

Clara Agban

  • Clara Agban

    Clara Agban

    Heriot Watt University

    I am an architect and interior designer that is interested in designing the places of our future. I believe that the places we dwell in temporarily or permanently should have a voice and a character that is brought forth. Design should speak to the people that will come across it. This is why I usually like bold, brave yet sustainable designs. Many people think that the futuristic and sustainable couldn't be merged but this is exactly what I hope to do in my projects. Architecture has eased its way into my life from a very long time and my interest in it just keeps on growing constantly. It has always fascinated me the way it can combine art, logical and sequential thinking in one study. Throughout the years, I have discovered the effect that it can have on people’s lives is beyond what anyone can imagine. As an architect, our work is the signature we can leave for the whole world to see. more



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