Refugee Protection Guide


Design strategy to facilitate the efforts of NGOs in delivering assistance to refugees travelling in Europe

The Refugee Protection Guide is a design strategy that delivers assistance to refugees travelling across Europe. The first part of the guide is a map of services and resources, handed out in migrant hubs and transit cities. The second part is a support system based in two travelling vans, one that offers medical and legal advice, and another providing hygiene kits, shelter supplies and food. Working together, the Refugee Protection Guide facilitates the journey of a refugee with guidance and resources that could reduce the number of lives lost in search of aid.

Amal Atassi

  • Amal Atassi
    American University of Sharjah

    Starting with a large cup of coffee and the loud music of Fayrouz, I start my day with a “Please do not talk to me until I finish my coffee” attitude. I walk by observing everything around me trying to see something that captures my attention and drags my emotions. “What’s that?!” Yup, I captured something, and now trying to find creative solutions. How did I become like this? It all started when Amal was a little girl trying to design a house for her Barbie’s without having to buy it. My skills started to develop, and suddenly, I am a Design Manager who tries to find solutions to benefit the society, with a little help from my Big cup of coffee and loud loud music that everyone around me can hear. I concur every design obstacle.more

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