Safe Niños – The Healing Tree


Magical, inhabitable landscape for child burn victims in hospital

Safe Niños: The Healing Tree is a children’s storybook and environmental graphics system that explains burn therapy to patients by inviting them to join a magical adventure. The project is a site-specific design created for COANIQUEM, a nonprofit treatment center for pediatric burn survivors in Santiago, Chile. Patients in the center read an illustrated storybook about two burned children who travel far to help a magic tree. The journey symbolizes the ten different therapies that the children themselves must undergo. When they visit medical specialists, the patients are given a passport that invites them into the Healing Tree storybook world. Within this world, the patients are accompanied by characters Camilla and Lucas and a cast of animal characters that represent the different treatments offered at COANIQUEM. Safe Niños: The Healing Tree is currently in use at COANIQUEM thanks to a generous grant from Sappi Ideas That Matter.


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