Samarth | Modular air purification system


A modular air purification system that does not rely on filters to bring clean air to large cities

We collaborated with a research lab “Airth Research Pvt Ltd” and humanized their patented technology, which is able to capture the pollutant particles without using any filter. We then designed a modular air purification system which is versatile and flexible enough to be deployed in multiple scenarios. In this the whole structure is made up of modular panels. Each of the panels takes polluted air form the back and gives out clean air from the front. All of these panels works in tandem to create a clean air environment around the structure.

Each of the module is connected to the other modules using flexible hoses which connects the necessary plumbing to the other module and creates and giant chain-mail structure which can be wrapped around any structure. The cleaning technology uses ionization and adsorption of particulate matter on conductive surface by enhanced charge allocation. We have tested the prototype in IIT Bombay and The test results shows that 99% of particle were removed in 15 min in a 8 cubic feet box.

The whole system is one of the greenest technology to clean air as it doesn't use filters and frequent changes in filters create waste. Giving us a chance to present this to the grad-show will help us to showcase a probable solution to a grave problem. It will also act as a platform to understand the viability of the project and test the system.


  • Abhinav Saxena

    Abhinav Saxena

    Abhinav Saxena is an Industrial Designer. He graduated from the Master of Design program of IDC school of design IIT Bombay in June 2020. Abhinav is passionate about sustainability and firmly believes in sustainable development goals. He converted his hobby into his profession and now focuses on designing sustainability, aligned products, and services. His work showcases a merger of technology with design to solve problems. His work includes Raesha. A sustainable lamp series made using upcycled materials. He also developed Samarth, a modular air purification system that uses a novel technology to solve India's massive problem. He collaborated with Ravi Kaushik to design Samarth and believes that the project can impact India's citizens' lives.more

  • Ravi Kaushik

    Ravi Kaushik

    Ravi Kaushik is an Entrepreneur. He graduated with a master's degree in environmental science and engineering from IIT Bombay in June 2019. He has developed a novel technology that can capture air pollutants in water. Later on, he collaborated with Abhinav Saxena, an Industrial design student, to design a modular air purification system called Samarth. Ravi Kaushik firmly believed in social entrepreneurship and impact creation, so he started this startup, Airth. Airth focuses on advanced air purification technologies. Airth is currently working on COVID-19 problem and has already developed new patent filed and tested technology to deactivate pathogens and purify air. Airth is helping businesses to provide pathogen-free and clean air to their customers and employees through worlds' first Antimicrobial Air Purifier.more



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