Shelters for Extended Families


Inhabitable roofs for overcrowded refugee camps

Shelters for Extended Families proposes strategically positioning inhabitable roofscapes in the Jerash refugee camp in Jordan as a means of providing communal spaces without compromising currently existing private and service spaces. Four shelters have been redesigned to form a residential complex for extended families. The interior multi use spaces serve as living and sleeping areas and the extended roof area serves as a family meeting area, children’s play area, cooking space and roof farm.

Dina Samara

  • Dina Samara
    American University of Sharjah

    Dina Samara is a Jordanian architect and designer from a Palestinian origin who was born and raised in the UAE. Dina completed her undergraduate degree in architecture from the American University of Sharjah, June 2016. Living in a multi-cultural community, Dina believes in design in all its forms as an important tool of communication as it is a universal language. Dina’s passion lies in engaging in complex problems and challenges, and using design and architecture as the means to provide solutions and innovations.more

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