An app to provide SRH services to refugee women

Many refugees have immediate sexual and reproductive health (SRH) needs that arise from a loss of contraception access, an increase in exposure to sex trafficking, higher risks of sexual assault, and poor access to inclusive healthcare and safe birthing practices. Shifra is a web application that aims to discreetly connect women to respectful and evidence-based healthcare information in a format and language that they understand. It also utilises its anonymous data to work with healthcare professionals, policymakers and funders in order to better respond to the specific needs of users by location and language.

Rebeccah Bartlett

  • Rebeccah Bartlett
    Monash University

    Passionate about reducing health disparities in underserved communities and promoting respectful maternity care, Beccah is a Registered Nurse-Midwife. She is also a PhD candidate at Monash University and the founder of Shifra, a web app designed to improve sexual and reproductive health access for refugee and migrant populations. Beccah utilises design thinking tools and applies an intersectional feminist approach to all her research and community partnerships.more

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