A personal health assistant for women based on lifetime hormone monitoring

Simi is a health management tool for woman based on hormone monitoring. It combines user information with known clinical correlations to provide personalised medical and lifestyle predictions and advice. Simi consists of a saliva-based hormone monitor and a data analytics backend. The algorithms combine user information with a database of medical knowledge – a step towards computer-aided. Behind the scenes, the system is scanning the data for new clinical correlations that might lead to breakthrough medical advancements.

Allison Rowe

  • Allison Rowe
    Royal College of Art

    Allison is a designer and engineer who's passionate about improving lives through innovative and emotive technology. She dreams up fantastical futures, distilling unexpected insights to challenge convention, captured in radical new products, systems, services, and stories. After spending a number of years developing medical devices, managing global healthcare projects, and helping a hardware startup get off the ground, she now works on all manner of things, from engaging digital platforms to whiz-bang interactive gizmos to far-future strategizing.more

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