Accessory for bicycles to make it easier to transport coffee

Stabli is a bicycle cup holder designed to minimise the spillage of unsealed takeout drinks. Inspired by commuters and the casual cyclist, Stabli keeps the drink accessible at all times, allowing for a more enjoyable ride. The cup holder's neck is made from flexible, nonslip plastic, absorbing shock and reducing the effect of vibrations during the ride. The cup itself uses a pivoted support that enables it to rotate around its own axis, allowing the cup and liquid to move together. Stabli is easily attachable and detachable through a quick-release claw. By making for a more comfortable and practical ride, Stabli encourages bicycle use in place of other non-environmentally friendly transport options.

Sehee Ahn

  • Sehee Ahn
    Rhode Island School of Design

    Sehee Ahn is an industrial designer with a focus on material innovation and functionality. She believes that a good design looks effortless, no matter how much time you have spent on it. Raised in Vancouver, Canada and born in Seoul, Korea, she studied Industrial Design at Rhode Island School of Design. Sehee resides in San Francisco designing products. She collects socks and watches and pets dogs in her spare time.more

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