Stand Up(right) for a safer childbirth


A tool to facilitate safer and less painful childbirth

Today it is considered safe to give birth in Sweden, with maternal and child mortality rates being among the lowest in the world. Despite this, many women suffer from a fear of childbirth as they feel that they have little control over the pain endured. Stand Up(right) for a Safer Childbirth is a medical device that encourages women to take control of their bodies and manage their own pain levels. By maintaining an upright position throughout the birthing process, increased movement permits more endorphins to be released. This in turn allows the perceived level of pain to decrease, while also ensuring a safer delivery.

Malin Björklund

  • Malin Björklund

    I am an industrial designer from Stockholm, Sweden, currently studying an MA in Design. My interest is in healthcare design, where I focus on finiding new solutions for specific user needs. This could be a common situation that we often take for granted, or a specific use case within a healthcare environment. I would like to think that I approach these dsign challenges by thinking norm critically, and by questioning how my everyday experience could be somebody else's problem.more

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