Sitting is killing us. This can help.

Steppa creates small sprints of activity throughout your day, providing the benefits of changing posture frequently. The combination insole and desktop device is designed to transform activity tracking into an engaging, social experience. The insole identifies a broad range of movements from sitting posture to standing and motion. The desktop device acts as a constant interactive reminder that mirrors your activity state, providing positive feedback and recognition of improvement.

Chunhao Weng

  • Royal College of Art

    A recent graduate of the Innovation Design Engineering program, holding an MA from the Royal College of Art and an MSc from Imperial College London. Past experiences include working in an advertising agency, writing for an online food blog, customer training for a small tech startup and community management for an experimental online magazine. Has worked closely with companies such as Sony, Ford, Motorola and KFC to name a few and has served as second lieutenant in the army and local committee president of the world’s largest student­run organisation. Believes in prototyping fast and enjoys playing with digital/physical concepts.more

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