A medical kit that uses UV light to sterilise equipment and save energy

Sterilux is an innovation in sterilising medical tools that uses up to 1000 times less water and 100 times less energy than conventional methods. The design uses the chemical composition of ambient air together with UV lights to generate, and then destroy, the sterilisation gas Ozone. The medical tools are directly laid into a SteriBox. The SteriBox provides both a sterilisation box and a durable storage container, resistant to external constraints in order to guarantee the long-term sterility of the tools.

Jordane Vernet

  • Born in Switzerland, Jordane Vernet is a dynamic 22 years old designer. She believes that becoming a designer is to be able to contribute in reshaping the world, as long as you integrate different points of view and remain connected. Therefore, after obtaining her bachelor of Industrial Design at ECAL, she is now pursuing a master in Sciences and Innovations. Working in multidisciplinary teams frees her creativity. She likes to observe people, she is passionate about their different needs according to their social class, geographical location etc.more


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