Submerging Stronghold


A speculative architectural vision for a new floating city

Submerging Stronghold is a project to counter the inherent dangers of rising sea levels due to environmental issues. It imagines a tower which forms the basis of a new form of life, in a new type of floating city that is anchored to the earth by the tower itself when the city below is submerged. Although the project is hypothetical, it is a powerful narrative that demonstrates the impact of our failure to make significant change; it is hoped that the tower will inspire humankind to mitigate or revert climate change.

Daniel Sars

  • Daniel Sars

    Daniel Sars

    University of Cambridge

    I am a recent architecture graduate from the University of Cambridge with an interest in architecture that is more primal and sculptural in nature, forming direct responses to the problems addressed. I enjoy developing projects through research and model making. Maritime technology and the interaction between humans and the sea are recurring themes. more

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