Swift – at home prosthetic leg


An at-home prosthetic leg

Swift is a prosthetic for individuals with a below-knee amputation that slips on and off quickly like a slipper. Putting on a traditional prosthetic leg is a time-consuming process that requires putting on a liner and perhaps some socks before the prosthetic can be worn. During user research, the designer was shocked to find that many amputees would simply crawl on the floor if they needed to get up to use the bathroom or get a glass of water during the night. Swift provides a prosthetic that can be simply slipped on, allowing for quick and easy short-term use within the home.

Smruti Adya

  • Smruti Adya
    School of Visual Arts

    Smruti Adya is a multi-disciplinary designer with a focus on User Interface and Experience design. As a design practitioner for over 5 years, she has led and contributed to design, strategy and innovation projects in a wide range of fields including consumer goods, healthcare devices, home appliances and retail experiences for small businesses as well as international brands. She has a strong foundation in the human-centered design process and applies that to create experiences and products that are grounded in user behavior and aligned with business needs.more

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