Intimacy and understanding through music making

Synchrony is a therapeutic music platform that helps parents and children with autism develop intimacy and understanding through improvised music play. Designed to sound harmonious regardless of musical ability, it facilitates a mutually enjoyable music making process. Parent and child can communicate nonverbally through music creation and engage in interpersonal play while working towards therapeutic goals. Synchrony’s soft silicone skin responds to the user’s touch by producing volume and resonance according to the pressure and duration of contact.

Kenneth Tay

  • Kenneth Tay
    ArtCenter College of Design

    Born and raised in the sunny island of Singapore, Kenneth flew over to the also sunny Southern California in the Fall of 2011, where he pursued a BSc in Product Design at Art Center College of Design. Kenneth graduated with Honors in April 2015, and is now part of the team at Artefact in Seattle, defining next-generation products and user experiences across a breadth of industries including education, medical, and finance. When he is not designing, Kenneth can be found strumming his guitar, playing with his weekend soccer team, or craving a good Korean BBQ.more


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