Make music and build bridges with strangers

Synchrovibes is an interactive music experience that aims to create bonds between participants through movement synchronization. The interaction uses three platforms, each equipped with a speaker/transducer to produce sound and haptic feedback and LEDs for lighting. Each platform is assigned a different instrument, which activates only when the participant is on top. The system compares movements to the music’s rhythm; if it judges that they are in sync then more layers of the music are activated and the song can progress. When this is achieved, the participants become synchronized and feel closer, physically and emotionally. While using Synchrovibes, strangers can develop connections and experience a sense of team accomplishment that lasts long after they step off the platforms.

Youssef Bouzarte

  • Youssef Bouzarte
    Keio University Graduate School of Media Design (KMD)

    Youssef is a Moroccan Media Designer based in Tokyo. As a musician, he has always been obsessed with rhythm. As part of his master's project, Youssef has explored different ways to make music more accessible to everyone and enhance the music listening experience. The designer believes that music is more enjoyable when embodied and that it has the power to bring strangers closer to each other through movement. Synchrovibes is the product of several collaborations with other students and researchers, notably Mina Shibasaki and Youichi Kamiyama. The project was developed under the close supervision of Professor Kouta Minamizawa and Junichi Kanebako.more


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