A system to to provide easy access to experiential teaching techniques

Teachopia is a scalable technology system that gathers and shares experiential learning resources for Indian Government schools. Experiential learning is a process in which children are taught through experience – learning lessons by reflecting on a specific, hands-on activity. This methodology is well established within the educational community, yet access to the necessary teaching resources is currently limited. Through Teachopia, resources are saved to a local server where they can be accessed by teachers through a wifi router without the need for continual internet access. Content is then regularly updated by a central administrator, ensuring that teachers have a continual reserve of engaging material to use.

Avi Chudasama

  • Avi Chudasama

    Avi is a Design Strategist based in India. He has recently completed his Master of Design in Strategic Design Management from National Institute of Design. He enjoys reading books and ancient scriptures on various disciplines. He believes that the key to our future solutions, lies in unlocking our ancient wisdom and hence, works towards contextualizing these practices for existing education system. Creativity, Neuroscience and Social Design are some of the other key areas, which fight for his attention.more

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