Tear Gun


Gun that fires collected tear water

Tear Gun is a device that allows users to shoot their tears as an act of self-defense when the correct words cannot be found. The gun works by catching tears under the wearer’s eye with a silicon pocket. The tears are then piped into a small bottle where they are frozen, and then loaded into the gun where the frozen projectiles can be fired. Inspired by its designer’s frustration with being unable to adequately defend herself during academic reviews, Tear Gun is designed to inflict no physical harm to its target, but instead to offer its user a sense of emotional release when the trigger is pulled.

Yi-Fei Chen

  • Yi-Fei Chen
    Design Academy Eindhoven

    A Taiwanese concept designer who is currently located in The Netherlands as a cultural hacker, alternative explorer, strategy creativer after studied MA Social design at the Design Academy Eindhoven The Netherlands. In the beginning of her design, she was fascinating by the relationship between human and objects, now she is more into the dynamic between social and personal context. Her works usually perform by interactive devices or conceptual objects, use mechanic and irony way to convey a message, it might seems crazy and strange, but when you discover more about it, you will find it profound and sensitive with the thinking and story behind.more

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