The Loss of Words


Website for documenting and teaching dying languages

The Loss of Words is an online platform that preserves the cultures of endangered languages. According to some estimates, a native language goes extinct every two weeks. With it, entire systems of communication, understanding, and culture disappear. The Loss of Words is an online system designed to document and preserve indigenous dialects. The platform is dedicated to both language and culture: users learn to write, read and speak through vocabulary and grammar exercises, while information on the art, culture, and literature of the society helps to place the language in context. The Loss of Words provides an accessible means to conserve languages and preserve culture.

Basma Ayman El-Naggar

  • Basma Ayman El-Naggar
    German University in Cairo

    Basma EL-Naggar is a 23 years old with a bachelor degree in Graphic design from the German university in Cairo. She has been passionate and trying to implement design and what she learned into helping people and raising awareness regarding significant causes. Different cultures and traditions and habits are the main inspirations for her designs and project ideas. She always showed interest for design at a young age and hopes to own her own design agency one day.more

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