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Devices to control time

There are few human inventions that have impacted on our behaviour more than our ability to measure time, modern lifestyles dictating that it be measured and regimented down to every minute. The Ministry of Time presents two time-telling devices that allow users to have alternative experiences of time by exploring perception and control. The first is the Hour-Minute Clock, which allows users to decide whether they want to see either hours or minutes indicated on the screen. The second is the Sliding Clock, which expands on this idea by inviting users to pull two units apart depending on the measure of time they want to experience – seconds, minutes or hours.

Reuben Dsilva

  • Reuben Dsilva
    Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design

    My name is Reuben Jerome D’silva and I am a visual and interaction designer at the CIID.What I find fascinating about being a designer is the ability to switch from obsessing over a bezier curve to speculating about the future of transportation in the same working day. I think this is the hallmark of a good designer and I’d like to get better at forming connections between those two scales of thinking. I also believe firmly in the magic of inter-disciplinary collaboration and the fact that tools have the ability to shape how we think. After my graduation project with Codesign Brand Consultants, I worked with a Los Angeles-based web consultancy, Anatta where I gained experience in user-interface design, e-commerce systems, data-driven design and project management. I am passionate about all things visual from typography, illustration and animation to public art. The experience at CIID has renewed my interest in technology and design thinking which I hope to pursue with future work. I’m keen to work in a team with happy inspired people that values openness and exploration.My latest obsession is e-paper displays and Vulfpeck bass lines. I dream of one day having a screen print setup and maker lab of my own in a house (with a name).more

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