Thomas’s Eye


A toolkit for explaining eye cancer to children and their parents

Thomas’s Eye is a toolkit designed to help children diagnosed with eye cancer and their parents, understand and treat the disease. The project is based on the studies of psychoprophylaxis, a psychotherapy that helps prepare for surgery. It also includes psychological and physical conditioning aimed to prevent emotional disorders such as anxiety which can reduce the excessive use of tranquillisers. In the toolkit, the anatomical model, informative book and plush puppy all aid communication, education and understanding about the disease.

Bárbara Alonso Arenas


    Barbara Alonso Arenas sees in design the opportunity to incide in people's lives by creating products that help them improve their quality of life. Her thesis project for her Bachelor Degree in Industrial Design, focused mainly in her interest of improving through design people's life and traumatic experiences, the project consists in a toolkit for children with eye cancer. The research of this particular project made her realize that her interest as an industrial designer is to engage in projects that empathize with real problems and people and create positive experiences through design.more

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