System for adding friction to payment process so user thinks twice before buying

Treasure is a device that aims to negotiate the gap between impulsive and rational spending. By providing an extra layer of authentication for certain purchases, Treasure hopes to encourage users to second-guess the frictionless spending incurred through ‘one-click’ buying and contactless transactions. Treasure is based on a handheld device that fits easily in the user’s pocket. The device requires a pattern-based authentication that changes each time, adding an extra challenge to the automatic reflex associated with PIN codes. Through an accompanying app, Treasure also enables the user to set financial plans and track spending, highlighting your ‘triggers’ for impulse buying in the process. Treasure helps users manage their finances, while confronting the dangers of frictionless shopping.

Sam Roots

  • Royal College of Art

    Sam is a designer, engineer and entrepreneur based in London, UK. He is passionate about design innovation and its potential to improve human life. His work takes an unconventional approach to complex, systemic issues in diverse sectors, from finance to medicine to agriculture. He has produced several projects in collaboration with leading scientists at Imperial College and Cambridge University that probe our relationships with the natural world, medicine and food systems. One of these – POM (Pollinator and Orchard Management) - was exhibited at MoMA in New York as part of the 2017 Biodesign Challenge, and is now a resident start-up at InnovationRCA. Sam has a degree in Materials Science from Oxford University and a Master’s in Innovation Design Engineering from the Royal College of Art and Imperial College London.more

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