A sensory VR system that transforms a person into a tree, from a seedling to its full-size

TreeSense is a sensory virtual reality (VR) system that transforms its user into the form of a tree. By tracking bodily movement and synchronising the sounds, vibrations, temperatures, winds and scents of the virtual reality environment, TreeSense crafts an evocative illusion of inhabiting another, radically different body. Inspiring to create new levels of empathy through sensual experience, TreeSense uses technological advancements to foster our connection to nature.


  • Yedan Qian

    Yedan Qian

    Umeå Institute of Design Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

    Yedan Qian is an interaction designer, technologist and researcher. Her works augments how we perceive, understand and engage with our environments and ourselves. Yedan has shown her work at Sundance and TriBeCa Film Festival, as well as HumlabX and Sliperiet Gallery in Sweden. She received her MFA in Interaction Design from Umeå Institute of Design and was a visiting researcher at MIT Media Lab. Yedan also worked in Samsung Research America and Baidu Institute of Deep Learning.more

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  • Xin Liu

    Xin Liu

    Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Zhejiang University

    Xin Liu is an artist, engineer and researcher at the MIT Media Lab. Mixing scientific research with personal narratives, she examines human body and its technological evolution. Xin has shown her work at MFA Boston, SundanceTriBeca Film Festival, The Walker Art Center, OCAT Shanghai and Eyebeam. Xin also worked in Microsoft Research NYCAsia and Google ATAP.more

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