A toolkit for building communities of small businesses

Twine is an offline toolkit and online platform created to encourage connection and collaboration between small businesses. Users meet and discuss concerns and opportunities using Twine’s toolkit of prompt questions, feedback form and time management tool. The project’s online platform provides a supportive component to sustain and refine processes developed during the interactive sessions. Together they form the basis of a creative and accessible problem-solving system by acting as a connector and a collaboration facilitator for small businesses.

Mina Jafarpoor

  • Mina Jafarpoor
    Rhode Island School of Design

    Mina Jafarpoor is an industrial designer with a background in physics, neuroscience and psychology. She loves exploring the relationship between people, technology and culture by building products and systems to improve the living condition. In 2010 she received RISD-Brown Social Innovation fellowship and wrote Taste of Culture to connect nations with political conflicts.more


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