A VR tool to produce immersive sonic experiences

Volta is a Virtual and Augmented Reality application for music producers and artists. It allows users to easily mix spatial audio and expressively create new music through physical interactions. The project was inspired by the rise in virtual reality music experiences, with companies such as Live Nation increasingly using online virtual reality platforms such as videogames to broadcast live concerts in virtual reality across the world.

Alex Kane

  • Alex Kane
    Imperial College London

    Alex Kane is a multidisciplinary artist, musician and designer. His background in design began as a partner in a creative agency for musicians, developing and executing experiential marketing campaigns, graphics and art for tour and album releases. Since joining The Royal College of Art and Imperial College London's joint Global Innovation Design masters program, he has pushed his work toward the intersection of technology and philosophy, culminating in Volta a virtual reality audio production platform for the future of entertainment. Covering a wide spectrum - from mechatronics and building virtual environments to experiments in shared consciousness and governance - all of his work is bound by a single intention: make the planet a more humane place.more

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