A system to bring you closer to your plants

Most households acquire plants initially with the purpose of taking care of them. They are, however, often neglected and left to dry.

Warden is a smart pot created to overcome “plant blindness” and bring individuals closer to their plant companion. Using soil sensors and Arduino modules, Warden is able to measure the pot’s basic conditions, and engage the owner’s attention by mapping out and communicating the plant’s basic needs and “attitudes” using a series of cues dispatched through LED signals.


  • Arnav Bavishi
  • Mariam Lambertt

    Mariam Lambertt

    Dubai Institute of Design and Innovation (DIDI)

    Mariam Lambertt; an imaginative Design Student with good analytical, research and collaboration skills. Eager to contribute to team success through attention to detail and excellent organizational skills. Ex- perience working with Graphic Design software (adapted to work on illustrations, presentations, animations and 3D design) and training in programming. Adept at success- fully managing and coordinating Product and Multimedia Design projects from concept through completion. I am extremely motivated to learn, grow and excel in the Multi- media and Product Design Industry.more


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