A safe swimming device for visually impaired people

Whale is a wearable tracking device that enables visually impaired people to enjoy greater freedom and safety while swimming. A wristband with built-in Global Positioning System (GPS) is paired with a small buoy that is placed next to the swimmer’s belongings, allowing them to easily find their way back to shore. An emergency button allows the swimmer to alert a designated contact person in case of difficulty, while a heart-rate sensor and strokes counter allows them to monitor their exercise.

Ruth Vega Torrelo

  • Ruth Vega Torrelo

    Ruth Vega Torrelo is an Industrial Design Engineer who was born in Cádiz, Spain. She got her Bachelor’s degree at the University of Seville. Recently, she completed her post-graduate studies about Product and Design Development at ELISAVA University (Barcelona). Along with her academic career, she has focused on products for people with disabilities; specifically for blind people. Besides, she always looks for the best way to achieve her projects environmentally friendly. She believes that the design must be meaningful and relevant. The best design resolves problems and makes everyone’s life better and easier. She is interested in getting to know how the different products have been created and the way they have developed to keep meeting society’s needs over time.more

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