A marketplace for sustainable brands only

Zero is an e-commerce platform that gathers all sus-tainable and green brands into a single market place to raise awareness and to promote environmentally con-scious consumption. The platform utilises tailored da-ta profiling and analytics to help traditionally small brands with limited product ranges reach their target consumers. On the user’s end, Zero provides a shop-ping experience that encourages a responsible life-style and environmentally aware approach to shop-ping.


  • Abdul Majid

    Abdul Majid

    Amity University Dubai

    We are a team that believes that every small step we take is important when it comes to sustainability. We started the idea in college and worked on it ever since. Even after getting multiple offers from different places, we stuck on to this because we wanted to bring the change. And we believe we can do that. Not alone but together. And that's why we work with companies and get them on this journey. more

  • Atul Mahesh

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