A.R.M. Holding Announces Funding Of Startups

Entrepreneurship Innovation

Two projects from Prototypes for Humanity 2019 Entrepreneurship Programme are the first recipients of seed capital from A.R.M. Holding AED 10 million Fund, created to support Prototypes for Humanity participants to develop their business models and go to market:

SpectrumLab, a reflective paint that changes its colour based on temperature developed by graduates from the Politecnico di Torino and Collège des Ingénieurs and Safe Cooking, a portable stove for communities without access to clean and safe cooking methods, developed by a graduate from the University of Karachi.

With 30 projects having already taken part, the overall goal of the Programme is to accelerate the professional development of graduates and the creation of startups based on their innovations, which so far have been in fields ranging from medical tech to waste management through to mental health and migrating communities. Participants receive tailored business training, mentorship and introductions to industry leaders and stakeholders from the social development agenda, preparing them for market launch.

A further four projects selected from Prototypes for Humanity Covid-19 open call are currently undergoing the Programme, with one project – Foresight, an AI system that allows early diagnosis of organ failure, developed by a PhD from Imperial College London – already advancing to pilot stage.