The Progress Prize 2020 Winner

Progress Prize GGS 2020


The Progress Prize is an international award celebrating the next generation of innovators, presented to one Global Grad Show participant each year. Since its inception in 2017, the Progress Prize has looked for innovations that use innovative problem-solving to address issues of global proportions. The winners receive a $10,000 prize to enable the further development of their projects and research.

The winning project of the 2020 edition was Foresight, an AI-enabled early warning system for organ failure in ICU. Created by Sam Tukra, a PhD in AI & Computer Vision from Imperial College London, the system can predict the onset of the condition up to two days before doctors can diagnose it. Sam’s innovative approach was to analyze the huge amounts of standard data (vital signs and test results) already collected from ICU patients and develop a predictive algorithm to understand patters and make predictions real time.

Previous Progress Prize winners:

2019Poleno, a pollinating drone to rebuild damaged ecosystems.

2018 – Twenty, dehydrated household products to reduce pollution and waste.

2017 MIKO+ a line of accessories combining aesthetic beauty with physiotherapy.