Prof. Leila Medraoui

Prof. Leila Medraoui


Professor Medraoui holds a PhD in plant biotechnology and is currently a teacher and researcher at the Mohammed V University in Rabat. She is a member of the microbiology and molecular biology team at the Research Center for Plant and Microbial Biotechnology, Biodiversity and Environment. Professor Medraoui has conducted research in genetic diversity and plant genome analysis in several endemic plant species and/or of socio-economic interest (inluding cereals, date palm, argan tree, cork oak, thuya, Balanites, etc). by molecular markers (RAPD, ISSR, SSR, AFLP, SRAP, IRAP, REMAP, etc.). Mindful of biodiversity and conservation of genetic resources, she is currently interested in phylogeny and genomic diversity of plants by DNA barcoding.

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