A digital herbarium of medicinal plants

Most of the world depends on traditional medicine to meet their health needs, the plants involved require formal listing and protection from environmental threats.

Medbarcod is a system for the identification and description of plant species based on molecular barcoding technology. The project aims to compile a complete digital herbarium including all morphological, ecological and molecular data for each record. The resulting directory of medicinal plants will enable their protection and conservation in view of threats affecting biodiversity, and will become a key reference for the scientific community.


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Mohammed V University


  • Lhayani Kawtar

    Lhayani Kawtar

    Mohammed V University

    Kawtar is a PhD student at heart and by profession. she received her master's in improvement and valorization of plant resources at Ibn Tofail University. She spent one year at the National Institute of Agronomic Research, working on Genetic Diversity and Molecular Characterization of Durum Wheat collection using SSR Markers. The thing that allowed her to join Mohammed 5 university as a PhD student in one of the best laboratories at the faculty of sciences, Rabat, Morocco. she is very grateful to be a PhD student. Because this is her passion. while she's not reading for her thesis, she enjoys spending time with her cats. more

  • Prof. Leila Medraoui

    Prof. Leila Medraoui

    Mohammed V University

    Professor Medraoui holds a PhD in plant biotechnology and is currently a teacher and researcher at the Mohammed V University in Rabat. She is a member of the microbiology and molecular biology team at the Research Center for Plant and Microbial Biotechnology, Biodiversity and Environment. Professor Medraoui has conducted research in genetic diversity and plant genome analysis in several endemic plant species and/or of socio-economic interest (inluding cereals, date palm, argan tree, cork oak, thuya, Balanites, etc). by molecular markers (RAPD, ISSR, SSR, AFLP, SRAP, IRAP, REMAP, etc.). Mindful of biodiversity and conservation of genetic resources, she is currently interested in phylogeny and genomic diversity of plants by DNA barcoding.more

  • Prof. Jalal El Oualidi

    Prof. Jalal El Oualidi

    Mohammed V University

    Professor Jalal El Oualidi is a Researcher in Botany (Biosystematics, taxonomy and conservation) of the "Institut Scientifique" of Mohammed V University in Rabat (Morocco), He is the Head of the department of Botany and Plant Ecology; Responsible of the National Herbarium RAB (Morocco); Member of the National Agency for Medicinal and Aromatic Plants board (Morocco); Moroccan Responsible of SEMCLIMED EuroMed project " The Impact of Climate Change and Actions for the Conservation of Flora in the Mediterranean Region "; Co-Editors and Co-Authors of the “Practice Flora of Morocco” book and "Red Book of Vascular Plants of Morocco". more



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