Tay Willie

Tay Willie


Tay Willie is a senior industrial designer of Design Incubation Centre, Singapore first dedicated industrial design research laboratory based in the Division of Industrial Design, National University of Singapore which investigates and develops new design tools in order to find new possibilities for the practice of design. Willie possess a strong knowledge and experience in the technical aspect of design especially in the digital design & fabrication domain. He is not only skilled in digital tools such as 3D CAD/CAM, 3D visualization rendering but also an adept prototyping specialist that deals with 3D Printing and CNC milling process. He is often requested by professors to provide technical support and advice to various teaching platform modules in the curriculum of the industrial design pedagogy. Besides industrial design, Willie possesses an aptitude in exhibition design too. Till date, he has been managing and curating more than 13 exhibitions, roadshows and showcases for the center and division, from local design scene such as Singaplural - Singapore Design Week to international design fair such as the Milan Design Week in Milan, Italy etc.

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