COVID-19 initiative for finding solutions to collateral issues of the pandemic

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The rapid escalation of the COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on various medical, economic and social dimensions across the world, and resulted in a series of yet unsolved collateral issues.

In an effort to channel the immense potential of academic institutions to find solutions for such problems, Global Grad Show launched an initiative inviting its community of 260 universities around the world to submit proposals addressing the myriad of issues brought on by COVID-19.

In less than three weeks, following the opening of the applications on March 16, 390 projects have been submitted by university graduates, undergraduates and professors from 125 academic institutions across 40 countries. The proposals came from fields ranging from medical engineering to game design, psychology, network science and business, from leading international universities such as Oxford, Harvard, Imperial College and Insead, alongside institutions in emerging markets such as Peru, Uganda, Egypt, Turkey and Malaysia.