Caucasus University


The history of Caucasus University began in 1998 when Caucasus School of Business was established. Its motto is "Studium Pretium Libertatis".

Caucasus University consists of schools of Business, Law, Media, Technology, Governance, Humanities and Social Sciences, Tourism, Medicine and Healthcare Management, Economics, Education. The University has the right to award academic degrees of Bachelor, Master, Doctor and Medical Doctor to the graduates in accordance with the rules established by the legislation of Georgia. The university has a training center and offers a variety of certification programs.

Caucasus University became a member of the AACSB in 2007, and in 2018 gained the right to start the accreditation process. Caucasus School of Business has successfully passed several important stages and is preparing for the final stage of the accreditation process.

Caucasus University has been cooperating with various universities around the world since its establishment and currently has 162 partner universities in 54 countries. This fact allows the university to receive foreign students and lecturers, have dual degree programs, as well as exchange programs for students, academic and administrative staff. Consequently, students are given the opportunity to participate in exchange programs. They travel abroad intensively, and at the same time, citizens of other countries study with us.

The CU Campus, with its modern infrastructure and equipment is one of the largest higher educational institutions in Georgia and in the region.

The building is historic, built in 1909. In 1911-1924, an Armenian seminary functioned in this place. The building has been under renovation for several years and the historic monument has been preserved as much as possible. All parts of the former seminary that could be restored were restored.

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