5G safe


Improving the reliability and security of 5G telecommunication networks

The 5G security function is a proposed upgrade of the currently inadequate software architecture of 5G networks. It contains Firewall, Intrusion Detection and Intrusion Protection systems including the clever Intrusion Detection System (IDS) which is able to identify many of the attacks to which 5G systems at present can be extremely vulnerable. With the proposed systems many of these software attacks can be much more quickly identified. This is an important advance given that the world’s telecommunications industry is undergoing a fundamental transformation towards 5G networks.

Sergei Simonovi

  • Sergei Simonovi
    Caucasus University

    I am a cybersecurity specialist and penetration tester at scientific cybersecurity association. I am actively involved in designing the secure architecture of the 5G cellular network. In 2021, I was involved as a security engineer into the local project "Clever security function of 5G networks". In the frame of Global Grad Show 2021 competition, I am offering the clever security protection mechanism against the attacks on 5G cellular networks.more

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