The name of ITU, one of the oldest technical universities in the world, has become identical with engineering and architecture education. ITU provides undergraduate education with 67 programs in 5 different campuses, 13 faculties, 1 conservatory, and graduate education in 7 institutes located in the center of Istanbul.

Being the architect of countless scientific and technological advances, ITU has succeeded many firsts. There are more than 400 laboratories and 17 research centers. ITU has the most ABET Accreditation in the world, with its 25 accredited engineering programs.

Students participating in the International Joint Degree Programs are entitled to double degrees by completing half of their education at partner universities in the USA. Offering double major and minor opportunities at many departments, ITU has the highest number of the Erasmus exchange programs with nearly 1000 partnerships.

ITU is home to science-industry-technology with more than 2500 R&D projects carried out in ARI Teknokent. In addition, entrepreneurial students are supported with ITU Seed, also known as the “entrepreneurship ecosystem”.

The first cube satellite, the first electric minibus, the first hydrogen-powered boat, the first unmanned automobile, and the first domestic computer were manufactured at ITU. Besides, Turkey’s first television broadcast was aired from ITU, and the first university radio was founded by ITU.

ITU’s institutional history, intellectual memory and its esteemed environment builds a strong bridge from the past to the future. With its development in line with the requirements of the age, its innovative perspective and its structure that cares about establishing relations with the world; ITU is the university of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

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DOT Smart Assistant

DOT Smart Assistant

Artifical intelligence

A smart assistant to look after psychologists own mental health



"Consumption, Production and Infrastructure",Health and Well-being

Modular biosample and diagnostics systems for mobile nurses