Modular biosample and diagnostics systems for mobile nurses

Haemo is a system of modules and interfaces that aims to aid mobile nurses in conducting in situ blood-work. Phlebotomy for analysis is often performed at remote locations, and samples are usually temporarily stored before transport. The circumstances during storage and shipment may not meet the necessary requirements, meaning that analysis can generate false results. The system works by crossmatching data to reach conclusions about specific test vials and the unique medical history of patients. It can alert the practitioner to particularly sensitive factors as well as recommending optimum temperatures for samples and logging their storage time.

Dilara Ece Günesen

  • Dilara Ece Günesen

    Dilara Ece Günesen

    Istanbul Technical University

    I'm Ece, a product designer from Turkey. I consider myself a curious investigator of intersections. I am very interested in what happens in the middle when we merge two concepts seemingly foreign to each other. In my practice, this usually falls between; organic+synthetic, human+man-made or biological+technological. I have completed my bachelors in industrial design at Istanbul Technical University, and I'm currently working as an interaction designer. Prior to my graduation, I've had the privilege of showcasing my work at London Design Biennale:Design In An Age of Crisis. I'm currently spending my free time working on a multidisciplinary art research project that explores post-social media futures with other creatives from Sweden, France, Greece, Serbia and Turkey. The topics I’m most passionate about are data, interactions, consumer technologies and biology.more

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