National Polytechnic Bamenda, NPB, is one of the reputable, and prestigious private higher education institution in Cameroon noted for its excellent, moral and professional education. NPB is located at Mile 7, Nkwen, Bamenda of the North West Region of Cameroon. This higher institute of learning started in 1996 with about 16 students and then gained full authorization from Cameroons Ministry of Higher Education on August 13, 2002 with Authorization No 002/0074/MINESUP, of 13 August 2002.

It should be noted that NPB is founded by Mr. Yong Francis who is not only a sport promoter in Cameroon but also a promoter of professional education with his vision of reducing unemployment amongst the youth by providing them with professional education and skills they need for jobs and job creation.

National polytechnic Bamenda was from creation formally called National Polytechnic Bambui until 2013 when the name was changed to National polytechnic Bamenda following its geographical locations presented by Cameroon National Geographic Mapping.

However National polytechnic Bamenda which is Cameroons top Private Higher Education Institution offering several academic disciplines to over 3000 students drawn from within and out of Cameroon with the provision of academic, professional, technical and vocational skills to students has as intensions to also prepare the students towards self-employment and nation building. National Polytechnic Bamenda (NPB) has graduated over 15000 students who are currently serving in public, Para-public, private, and individual enterprises.

That not withstanding, NPB has its main campus at mile 7 Nkwen Bamenda comprises of a central administration, other schools, canteen both for staff and students and lecture Halls. There is another campus at mile 3 (mile 3 campus) also made up of administrative block, lecture Halls and newly constructed students hotels.

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