A mobile app that improves access to healthcare in vulnerable communities

Many sub-Saharan African communities and hospitals still have inadequate access to healthcare.

Through a mobile app system, Doro can connect patients with doctors and hospitals in order for them to best assess their options. It will enable them to have virtual consultations and store their medical records electronically as well as find health-related information from public health departments and the World Health Organisation.


  • Sama Lesly Tankfu

    Sama Lesly Tankfu

    The University of Bamenda

    Sama Lesly is an advocate for change, a tech-head and an innovative problem solver. He sought to solve problems that impact the real world. He currently serves as a Global Youth Ambassador at Theirworld where he acts as a campaigner for social justice and the right to education. In 2019/2020, he served as an ambassador at World Literacy Foundation where he helped to lift young people out of poverty through literacy and organized an online fundraising campaign that yielded the distribution of over 7500 book packs to kids. more

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  • Mildred Ngenseh

    Mildred Ngenseh

    National Polytechnic- Bambui

    Mildred Ngenseh is the co-founder of Doro Health Service and founder of SMN Media, a startup which aims at empowering young women in media technology while creating audio-visual contents. So far, she has worked with 10+ girls directly. Through Draufsicht Bamenda, she works as a communication Officer and assistant project manager. Mildred coordinates community and film making activities that involve over 20 young volunteers. In 2020, she coordinated the installation of 15 hand wash stations in some communities in Bamenda in order to support them in fighting the spread of COVID-19. more

  • Bonjoh Thank-God Rinwi

    Bonjoh Thank-God Rinwi

    The University of Bamenda

    Bonjoh Thank-God Rinwi is a medical student and co-founder of Doro health Service. He serves as a volunteer at the Bamenda Regional Hospital where he helps to record medical history and symptoms, administer medications and treatments, perform diagnostic tests and actively participate in campaigns on how to curb the spread of Neglected Tropical Diseases and Coronavirus. more

  • Dr. Nouny Armand

    Dr. Nouny Armand

    Universite Felix Houphouet-Boigny

    Dr. Nouny Armand is a medical doctor with over six years experience. He currently works for the Cameroon government and has served at the Nwa District Hospital and Ndu Hospital. more



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