PXL-MAD (Media, Arts and Design) School of Art is a department of the University College PXL that offers study programs in the field of ‘Visual Arts’ on academic bachelor and master degree level. Our specializations are : Graphic Design; Jewellery Design, Gold- and Silversmithing; Fine Arts. As an education and research center we focus on visual thinking and communication, visual imagery, innovation and experiment. Through realistic projects, individual coaching and challenging assignments, students are stimulated to develop their own imagery. Department PXL-MAD is located on the campus Elfde Linie in Hasselt, near the city of Hasselt and Quartier Canal. Students find themselves in a creative and vibrant environment with a mix of initiatives in the field of art; culture, recreation and education in which they get the opportunity to collaborate in a creative and multidisciplinary atmosphere. We provide and confront our students with opportunities to develop individually in a course that matches with the (artistic) practice. Breaking and shifting boundaries is our motto!

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A typeface that teaches correct pronounciation

Braille Emoticons

Braille Emoticons


Emoticons reinvented in Braille language to expand expressive possibilities for the visually impaired