Expressive Typeface


Typographic solution to aid expressive reading

The monotone nature of type makes reading comprehension difficult due to lack of expression, leading to poor learning outcomes.

Expressive typeface improves reading comprehension by highlighting specific words with phonologically expressive fonts. These font modifications are easy to understand, learn and remember. By conveying volume and emotion the reader is more engaged with the text as they are able to intuitively visualise the intended expression, helping them to become more fluent readers.

Niaz Mirmobini

  • Niaz Mirmobini

    Niaz Mirmobini

    PXL – MAD School of Arts Hasselt

    Niaz Mirmobini holds a MA in visual communication from Islamic Azad University Science & Research Branch (Iran) and a BA in painting from Alzahra University (Iran). Currently, Niaz is enrolled in the MA program ‘Reading Type and Typography’ connected with legibility research group READSEARCH led by Prof. Dr. Ann Bessemans at PXL-MAD School of Arts (Belgium). During her internship at READSEARCH, Niaz discovered a love for practical legibility research. As a type designer, she currently combines her skills in calligraphy, typography and legibility insights with years of experience in fine art, design, print and culture. Since 2008, Niaz has been exhibiting, participating in conferences, and publishing her work. more



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