The University of Yaoundé I (UoY1) is a public university in Cameroon. The Department of Geography of the Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences offers courses in the areas of rural and urban dynamics, environmental dynamics, and global development strategies. In addition, the department provides professional training in spatial and sustainable land management: cartography, remote sensing and geographic information systems (GIS). The University of Yaoundé 2, which cooperates closely with Yaoundé 1, offers courses on legal and legislative issues related to land rights and tenure, thus providing an excellent opportunity for inter-university exchanges and cooperation. It was during the consultative workshop for Central and West Africa held from 12 to 13 October 2017 in Yaoundé that UoY 1 was unanimously selected as the Regional Node of the NELGA in the central Africa region.

Since September 2018, UoY1 has carried out various actions with NELGA member universities in Cameroon, Gabon, Central African Republic, Congo, Democratic Republic of Congo and Chad.

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Making Science the Star

Making Science the Star


Using film as a medium to make science accessible to all