3D Plastics


A machine for recycling waste plastics into 3D printer filament

Rwanda lacks the infrastructure to recycle plastic, as well as struggling to afford 3D printer usage due to the high cost of imported filament.

This open-source project will enable users to reduce their plastic footprint by turning plastic bottles into affordable 3D printer filament, giving makers access to 3D printing technology. Empowering them to use the technology more frequently will provide the opportunity to reimagine design projects faster and improve business outcomes.


  • Swaleh Owais

    Swaleh Owais

    McMaster University

    Hi! I am a mechanical engineer who studied at McMaster University in Toronto, Canada. I have a passion for automating boring/dangerous tasks. My interest in small scale filament extruders arised whilst working at a 3D printing lab in Rwanda. At this position, I learned about the (a) amazing use of 3D printing in developing countries and (b) inhibitively high cost of importing 3D printing filament to developing countries. Therefore, I am building a minimalist filament extruder that can makes 3D printer filament in low-resource settings. If this project interests you, please check out our Discord: more

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  • Reiten Cheng

    Reiten Cheng

    ArtCenter College of Design

    Hi, I am an industrial designer with a background in mechanical engineering. I worked on various projects regarding sustainability and have always been interested in the topic. My goal as a designer and an engineer is to make functional products that work well for human and the planet. more

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